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The Company Behind the Intelligence

Since 1991, Lancaster Research has provided authentic, proprietary customer and market insights that have played significant roles in the strategic success of organizations.

Our behavior is grounded in the discipline of listening to you, the client, so we have a clear understanding of the business issue. This, in turn, helps us develop and execute the most effective research approach for understanding your customer (or desired customer).

Every task is a fresh task. While drawing on decades of accumulated intelligence and methods, we are able to grasp effective new approaches to the process, embracing the best of new technology while retaining the best industry practices available.

Though we would love to share details of our work with you, all of our research is proprietary. We are sure you understand, because that’s how you would want our research for you handled. Our trustworthiness is also why we continue to work with our very first client, Covenant Health, a solid and trusted twenty-five year relationship that speaks to our respected partner approach.

We listen a great deal, and then go about our task of uncovering the “what” and the “why” of human behavior as it relates to communication, product or service consumption.


Our Process

We use a proprietary blend of experiential dialog and sophisticated market research tools and customize each methodology to fit your needs. To get the most insightful results, we employ a combination of the following:

  • Intercept studies
  • In-person and online focus groups
  • Online and telephone interviews
  • Behavior modeling and prioritization using AnswerCloud™
  • In-The-Moment™ experiential mobile collection
  • Immersive ethnographic observational tools
  • Awareness and attitude tracking
  • Purchase behavior analysis
  • Graphic Heatmap & Mark-up Tool: Concept Evaluation and Image Markup Tool

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