Bristol Motor Speedway

A Speedway Motorsports Incorporated Facility


Our Client’s Challenge

Like every sport or entertainment venue, Bristol Motor Speedway deals with evolving demographics, cultivating new fans to replace those aging out or shifting interests. To grow profits, our client must shape the live experience to encourage fans to stay longer, buy more, come more often, and promote that experience to others

Without solid research into what fans really want, change is a sheer gamble, with a clear risk of alienating traditional fans without building new ones.

Lancaster Research Strategy

We built a unique, multi-pronged research strategy to mine statistically valid findings from key demographics on critical questions:

  • How do expectations compare to the actual fan experience?
  • What are the high points of the live experience in the moment?
  • What moments are powerful enough to bring the fan back?
  • Why do former fans “lapse”? Can they be recaptured, and if so, how?
  • Where are emerging market opportunities?
  • How important are first-time attendees? What will bring them back?
  • What do attendees share with others about their experience?

Our Client’s Advantage

Detailed, accurate research on key categories of fans give our client information for developing precise, actionable strategies for change. For example, research helps balance the impact of a change among traditional fans vs. an emerging demographic. The research identified and initiated specific strategies to transform first-time attendees into eager evangelists. 

The course is clearly marked, allowing our client to move forward with confidence and assurance.



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