STEM Scouts

A coed program of the Boy Scouts of America


Our Client’s Challenge

When the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) decided to create an entirely new program geared to both boys and girls, they needed research to determine how to make the most of this new program launch. To encourage participation, our client must understand what engages both boys and girls as well as their parents and educators. 

Without solid research, reaching this demographic can be difficult, especially when the audience is diverse and the pilot program is at stake.

Lancaster Research Strategy

We developed a broad research strategy to mine statistically valid findings from key demographics on critical questions:

  • How do people perceive the BSA?
  • What kinds of things would help them perceive this program more positively?
  • How likely are kids to participate in this type of program?
  • What kinds of elements would encourage a more positive perception?

Our Client’s Advantage

Detailed research from all the audience types gave our client the confidence to launch their program and the information to create actionable marketing strategies. Our research helped determine what would encourage the demographic to move along in their discovery journey.



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