Tennessee Tech University

A Four-Year University in East Tennessee



Our Client’s Challenge

Located in a region with many other higher education options, Tennessee Tech competes with both large-scale universities as well community colleges. To encourage more applicants, Tennessee Tech needed to resonate with a diverse group of decision makers, including high school students, transfer students, families, counselors, faculty and staff members.

Lancaster Research Strategy

We embarked on a perceptual study, creating a research strategy that would determine how both the internal and external audiences perceived Tennessee Tech. We asked questions, like:

  • How do expectations compare to the actual student’s experience?
  • What attitudes are unique to the university?
  • How do current freshmen perceive the University?
  • How do high school seniors perceive the University?

Our Client’s Advantage

Our detailed perceptual study helped our client narrow down three campaign ideas, which we were able to test in front of the target audience. Further research helped determine a single recommendation that would encourage prospective students to respond positively.


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