Reveal the “what” and “why” of your customers’ behaviors

Insightful and accurate data to help you make informed and actionable decisions for future growth.


We draw on an arsenal of research tools.

Lancaster Research offers accurate client statistics, research and data to uncover your customers’ emotions, behaviors and choices so you can make more informed marketing decisions.

Qualitative Research

We establish experiential dialog with customers to dig deeply into every aspect of your brand’s experience as it happens, unfiltered by memory or external factors. The result is an in-depth understanding into why your audience behaves the way it does.

Loyalty Tracking

Loyal fans are the best marketers of your brand. When you understand why they’re loyal (or not loyal), you can learn how to better engage them.

Quantitative Research

Numerical data doesn’t lie. With quantitative research, you’re armed with a breadth of knowledge which can ultimately drive revenue.



By getting to know fans before, during and after an event, sports and entertainment brands are better equipped to turn one-time ticket buyers into lifelong fans.




We delivered insightful data research to businesses and organizations in multiple market sectors.


Case Studies

Read more about how our insightful and accurate data research helped our clients make informed decisions.


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